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ChangZhou XuhuiBodu project

Realway capital cooperated with xuhui group, one of the TOP20 real estate enterprises, and lufax acted as the fund sales agency to jointly build the high-quality housing project of changzhou economic development zone.The project will be directly connected with the subway in the future, which has a strong advantage in transportation and plate appreciation.

Our funds’portfolio covers commercial real estate projects, distressed assets projects and urbanisation and redevelopment projects.

Our mission is to leverage on our asset management expertise, risk management knowhow and execution capability to enhance value of different types of real estate projects through, among others, destocking of existing inventory in real estate market and revitalisation of distressed or other underutilised assets, thereby promoting the overall healthy growth of the PRC economy.

Since our establishment in 2010,the funds we manage have invested in a total of 33 sizeable investment projects, 17 of which were completed and successfully exited.

These investment projects comprised portfolio assets which were spread over more than 10 PRC cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, Hefei, Zhoushan, Wuxi, Chengdu, Jining, Ningbo and Shenzhen.


Fuzhou Wanbaocheng Project

The project is located in fuzhou wanbao business district, with a total construction area of nearly 200,000 square meters and about 82,000 square meters of underground space. It is the first large-scale integrated civil air defense project in China and the first subway complex in fuzhou.With the help of realway capital's expertise, the project has created three industry records.


Lishui Zhongnan Prague Project

The project is a complex project built by central south jinshi in the downtown area of lishui city, located in the mature section of lishui city. It is one of the few urban areas that can be developed, with a total land area of 180,000 ㎡ and a total construction area of 232,000 ㎡.

Fund Management

1. Urban Construction: we pay more attention to the liquidity of assets and the ability to improve asset cash flow, and focus on the sales property market, commercial property market, urban renewal market and long-term rental apartment market.

2. Special opportunities: it is still a key business to be developed. Taking legal services as the starting point, it provides asset owners / creditors with disposal services in the whole process of asset evaluation, financial due diligence, legal due diligence, litigation execution, tax planning, asset transformation, asset operation and sales.

3. Securities and equity market: focus on enterprises with long-term investment value. Ruiwei capital adheres to research to create value and earn excess returns for investors in the process of enterprise investment.

Asset Allocation

1. Build a public fund sales system: through fine research and selection strategies, formulate a variety of public fund products such as stock type, bond type, hybrid type and money market type for qualified medium and high-end customers by means of large fixed investment and large portfolio.

2. Provide asset allocation for qualified high net worth personnel: provide professional asset allocation services, covering steady public fund investment, private equity investment, real estate investment or special opportunity projects.

3. Establish and improve the family office: meet the diversified needs of qualified high net worth customers in law, tax raising, wealth appreciation, education, pension and other aspects.

Investment Adviser

1. M & A: through the integration of its own resources, it provides professional acquisition plans for commercial projects and platform companies that have entered difficulties or such bad assets, or institutions that intend to acquire or restructure such assets, so as to regenerate assets and realize business expectations.

2. Bankruptcy clearance: help the bankrupt party seek reorganization or the acquirer and complete the settlement of assets and debts, or acquire bankruptcy or other bad projects on behalf of the acquirer, and be responsible for judicial and practical clearance of such projects after the acquisition is completed.

3. Post investment management: in the whole process of pre investment research and judgment, investment implementation and post investment control, a series of management means such as seal management, risk control, financial supervision, project cost / progress and quality are provided to ensure and realize the investment benefits of investors.

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